1. In the Tenant panel, select the Networking tab, then select Networks.
  2. Use the NEW button to begin the process of creating a virtual network.
  3. Select the Organization Virtual Data Center in which you want to create the network.
  4. Select the network type as Routed Network – a routed network connected to a Tenant-dedicated T1 router that provides network services.
  5. Select the dedicated T1 router.
  6. Enter the network name, description, and CIDR in the format XX.XX.XX.1/XX, e.g.,
  7. Specify the address range, IP addresses that will be used statically when VMs are connected to this network, and add them using the ADD button.
  8. Specify the default DNS and Suffix for the network to be created.
  9. Review the settings and confirm the network creation.
  10. The network is created and connected to the T1 router.