The Tenant has the ability to use application templates prepared by Bitnami, which are available in the App LaunchPad tab.

  1. Open the LaunchPad tab

  2. Select SHOW ALL to view all available application templates and use Launch to launch the selected template or Details to review the application specification.
  3. Enter the name of the application and select SHOW DETAILS:
  4. Select the network and Storage Profile for the application and optionally add a launch script. Use the LAUNCH APPLICATION button to launch the application.
  5. The application launches automatically
  6. The user can enable, disable, and delete the application from the App LaunchPad, as well as switch to the Virtual Application view in the Virtual Data Center.

  7. Applications from the AppLaunchPad are created as Virtual Applications with a name specified by the Tenant and a VM name that matches the name of the image used by the application.
    We recommend that you change the name by selecting 3 dots next to the virtual machine in the vApp.
  8. Rename using the Rename option