To activate the Windows Server operating system, please report this need to

In the request, please provide the ID of the virtual machine on which the license is to be activated and the date on which the license is to be activated.

Once we have this information, our engineer will contact you to confirm the activation date and your preferred activation method.

Activation of Windows Server or RDS (Remote Desktop Services) licenses on a customer’s virtual machine can be done in three ways:

  1. By an Atman engineer using a remote console to the customer’s VM in the VMware vCloud Director dashboard.
  2. By creating a user on the customer’s VM and providing credentials for that user to the Atman engineer.
  3. By initiating a remote session using MS Teams and give control to an Atman engineer under the customer’s supervision.

The Atman engineer logs into the virtual machine using your preferred method and enters the Windows Server or RDS activation code.

The activation process can be done with the customer’s participation.